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Fall at the Refuge by Laura McMahon

On a recent crisp and sunny afternoon, my husband and I loaded up the bikes and trekked on down to BBNWR. Fall’s cooler temperatures had us eager to hit the open trail! Right away, we noticed a few subtle shifts at the refuge – summer’s vibrant hues had begun the transition to autumn’s calm and muted tones. There were still…

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Renovation projects at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

We are thrilled to announce the renovation of the Dune Trail and the pond platform on the Sunset Point Overlook Trail! Demolition has begun and rebuilding will immediately follow! Until construction is complete, the Dune Trail will be closed and the section leading to the pond on the Sunset Point Overlook Trail will be closed as well. The majority of…

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Marsh Birds at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Let’s highlight marsh birds today for #NWRweek. Marsh birds are secretive and elusive birds to sight. As their name suggests they live in the marsh and like to hide in and among the reeds, grasses and other vegetation. Most of the birds in this group have long toes and coloration that serves to camouflage them in their environment. Two of…

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